The Fathers Know Best by Jimmy Akin

The Fathers Know Best by Jimmy Akin is one of the best guides to the Early Church Fathers.  [ Purchase from ]

Who Were the Early Church Fathers?

One of the most interesting features of this book is the explanation of who the Early Church Fathers were, where they lived, and what they did.  Akin presents the reader with a short synopsis of each Father which really helps make the material come alive.

What’s In It?

This is perhaps the best reference guide for the Early Church Fathers.  It is a compilation of quotes from the Fathers, organized by topic.  This makes it extremely handy as an apologetics reference.  Want to know what the first Christians thought about the Eucharist?  Turn to the Eucharist chapter (Ch. 42, p.292), and there you have a quick collection of quotes from all the pertinent Church Fathers on the Eucharist.


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